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How to Square Up Middle of Granny Afghans to Match Corners

Have you ever self designed an afghan where the middle of the afghan is dipping inward and the corners are projecting outwards and the middle sections are sucking inwards.

There are reasons why this is happening. Let’s review them.

  • It’s possible you have added too many stitches to a corner or corners in the past rounds. In my case, that’s not the issue as I am a professional crocheter and have followed the rules of thumb for that.
  • It’s possible that the stitchwork has additional tension created in the rounds below. In my case, this is the reality.
  • It’s possible, you have done both issues.

How to Square Up Middle of Granny Afghans to Match Corners

The Fix

To fix this is pretty simple and may have to be done over 1 or more rounds to get the middle to build back out. DO NOT RUSH THIS PROCESS!

How to Square Up Middle of Granny Afghans to Match Corners

  • Lay a ruler or flat edge against the afghan to see how far the middle is dipping inward.
  • Knowing SC, HDC and DC are different heights when crocheted, you want to mark by eye from the beginning.
  • Start the corner with: Ch 1, (sc, ch 1, sc) into the same corner. Use this for all corners.
  • Sc over using the straight edge as your guide to when you see the gap starting to get bigger that the sc isn’t filling in. Count how many SC you just did and write it down.
  • HDC over as many as you need to before you see the gap even getting bigger than a HDC cannot fill.
  • Count how many HDC you did and write that down.
  • Count how many SC and HDC you did by adding the two numbers. From the corner you are heading to.
  • Count back the same amount of stitches to know where to stop the DC you are about to place in. Place a stitchmarker there.
  • DC across to the stitch before the stitch marker. HDC the same amount of stitches as you did before, finish off with doing SC for the same amount of stitches. Do the corner as you had before, (sc, ch 1, sc).
  • Now you know the counts you did on the one side, repeat the same counts for the remaining 3 sides.

Checking After Round 1

  • You’ve now gone around once, lay down the project and see if the dip is still significant. If it is, do the same steps again but you will be adjusting the counts as the dip won’t be as big as it was in the last round.
  • Change your counts and repeating for all sides.
    If this round didn’t fix it… do it again in another round.

So if you want to keep your fancy stitchwork, building out the middle is the solution.



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